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We wish to echo the statement issued by President Englert and Provost Epps on Monday, November 14. 2016 and steadfastly reaffirm the College of Education’s commitment to inclusive education. We have drafted this statement to highlight the underlying values of our organization in support of all students, staff, and faculty. These values are predicated on promoting education—in schools, in the workplace, in organizations, and in the community—as a critically important way to achieve social justice and equality of opportunity.
Our commitment to principles of justice and equality is not rooted in any one ideology, political affiliation, religion, or worldview, but instead is a universal reflection of our diversity and humanity. It is in the spirit of care, inclusion, and respect that the College of Education is providing the following list of organizations, venues, professional resources, and approaches to help students, staff, and faculty cope with any uncertainty and anxiety they may be feeling as a result of inflammatory rhetoric and acts of hostility that have occurred recently.
Additionally, we plan to sponsor a series of workshops and trainings led by the experts in our community in order to provide the skills necessary to foster inclusive practices and open dialogue during these difficult times. Please look for these events to be announced under the title “The College of Education’s Series on Inclusivity.”
It is our sincere hope and aspiration that the College of Education will serve as a caring community of learning and practice and as a beacon for inclusion, respectful and open dialogue, and meaningful civic engagement.
• Counselors at Tuttleman Counseling Services are available to speak to students during the week. There also are self-help tools available on the website with information about stress reduction and self-care.  215-204-7276 
• An Employee Assistance Program is available to all full-time faculty and staff through LifeWorks.
• The Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity, Advocacy and Leadership (IDEAL) is available to assist students in navigating difficult dialogue on a one-on-one or group basis.
Reviewed and approved by vote of the Collegial Assembly of the College of Education on November, 16, 2016.