Professor Ken Thurman starts faculty disability committee

Dr. Ken Thurman, professor of special education, noticed that although there were resources and committees in place for some of his fellow faculty members, there were few resources for faculty members with disabilities.

Now, Dr. Thurman is the chair of the Committee on Faculty Disabilities Concerns. The committee was formed in December 2015 and is responsible for working to improve inclusivity for faculty members with disabilities and help faculty members make classrooms more comprehensive for students with disabilities.
Before Dr. Thurman initiated the new committee, there was no similar group to advocate for faculty members with disabilities, despite existing demand.
“There was already a Committee on the Status of Women and Faculty LGBTQ Issues, but none for the disabled,” Dr. Thurman said. “So I initiated the establishment of the Committee on Faculty Disabilities Concerns with hopes that we reach out to and assist both Temple faculty and students with disabilities.”
The committee is the newest of the Faculty Senate’s 20 committees.
Dr. Thurman said the committee spent most of its first year collecting data to understand the scope and problems facing faculty members with disabilities.
- Erin Moran and Anh Nguyen