By now, Temple students probably know that the Career Center serves all Temple students and alumni, but did you know that career services for Temple students extend beyond Mitten Hall and can be found in each department or college across campus? The Temple University Career Network works in tandem with the Career Center to help students with their professional development, and to connect students with great job and internship opportunities. We sat down with Career Network co-chair Jason Bozzone, from the College of Education, to find out more…
What is the career network, and how can students utilize professional development staff in their school or college?
The career network is a group of dedicated professionals at Temple consisting of career, academic and student affairs personnel that are committed to advancing student and alumni career services, development and outcomes that are aligned with the needs of a highly competitive job market.  Furthermore, the career network has the awesome responsibility to have a collective impact on the career readiness of our students while enhancing employer relationships that will inevitably maximize career opportunities for Temple students through a collaborative effort!
The best way to utilize career personnel in your specific school/college is to invest in yourself!  Students need to build their repertoire of skills, experiences, connections and understanding of themselves and how they want to make a difference in the world!  Take time to meet with the Career Center coaches, your school/college staff that specialize in career services, and the mentors you interact with in the classroom or through co-curricular activities. 
What unique advantages and services are career services professionals in each school, like yourself, able to provide to your students?
The unique advantages career services professionals in each school are able to provide their students is specialized support in the specific field a student is looking to launch their career. Through collaborative efforts with our colleagues in other schools/colleges as well as the University Career Center, we can help students to maximize their skills and knowledge within their academic program into a variety of possible job industries conducive to their career aspirations.  We strive to provide our diverse students with professional development, career preparation events, career fairs, career courses, speaker series, leadership development opportunities and an array of other initiatives to ensure our students’ career readiness as future leaders!
What is one common mistake that students make when seeking a job or internship that can be easily avoided?
Students must do their research!  Know who you are, what you bring to a position, why you are passionate about what you want to do and most importantly—know as much as you can about the organization you are considering to work for.  The best way to do your research is to connect and network with various people that can give you the inside scoop and advice about the position so that you can make the best decision for you!  Networking is the key—that means utilizing your faculty, staff, fellow students, alumni, mentors, as well as social media (LinkedIn). You would be surprised how many Temple Owl Alumni not only are employed the Philadelphia region, but in the world- Owls are everywhere! 
What separates Temple students from the rest of the pack, and how can they best communicate these strengths to potential employers?
In my 16 years in higher education, I worked at a few institutions, each possessing wonderful students with stellar qualities and traits.  Temple students though have this amazing energy and drive about themselves.  Whether it’s their relentless work ethic, critical thinking or industry expertise, our students bring uncommon drive with real-world preparation and experience in all they do. Temple students are persistent, hard-working, and inventive! When they do an extraordinary job, they don’t boast; but rather, stay humble.  They believe in what they do and how they need to do it.  Call it grit or versatility.  Either way Temple students are change agents that take charge to succeed.
What’s your role with career services in the College of Education, and how long have you been here at Temple?
I currently serve as the Assistant Dean for Career and Student Development & Special Events in the College of Education. I have been at Temple since 2007 in various positions. My primary functions are to coordinate career development and placement assistance for the College of Education programs, manage external employment relations between the community and the College of Education, and work collaboratively with administrative and academic departments to create and build meaningful internships, mentorships, externships, and permanent employment opportunities for College of Education students.  I also supervise Jumpstart Americorps, which is comprised of 2 professional staff members, 80 student corps members, and 11 team leaders who provide that provides under resourced communities in Philadelphia with high quality early education, helping to develop language, literacy, and social emotional skills children need to be ready for school.
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