Faculty Named Editors of National Research Journals

Temple Take Charge

Associate Professors Wanda Brooks and Yasuko Kanno have been named editors of leading national education journals. Brooks was named co-editor of Language Arts, a professional, peer-reviewed journal for elementary and middle school teachers and teacher educators. Kanno has assumed editorship of Journal of Language, Identity, and Education, an international forum for interdisciplinary research grounded in theory and of interest to scholars and policymakers. 

Faculty and Graduate Students offer federal public policy institute for National Association of School Psychologists

Faculty and students in D.C.

Dr. Nate von der Embse and Temple University School Psychology graduate students traveled to Washington DC for the National Association of School Psychologists to offer a federal public policy institute. This interactive training offers presentations by national leaders working in federal education and human service offices, Congress, research institutions, professional associations, and student development organizations. Interested participants may include graduate students, school psychologists, school counselors, teachers, principals, and others committed to promoting resilient successful students.


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