An Innovative Experience Teaches High School Students Financial Security at Olney Charter High School

Daniel LaSalle

Educational Psychology student, Dan LaSalle, teaches students financial security with a Teacher-Leader Collaborative Grants Program offered by the Philadelphia Academy of School Leaders at Olney High School in Philadelphia.

The grant is designed to teach students leadership and financial security. Along with budgeting for their afterschool activity, each student also has a bank account where they budget personal expenses, save for a college fund, and invest for retirement. The grant allows 25 students to learn financial literacy hands on by becoming employed to lead and manage after school activities.

LaSalle speaks highly of the long-term effects the program will have on his students’ lives, “These skills are universal. We are helping them to take a realistic look at what they want with their lives and how to achieve the finances for that, in terms of education and career and lifestyle, and all the way up to retirement.”

The school as a whole is benefiting from this grant. Since the start of the project, involvement in afterschool activities has nearly doubled. Overall, the student body involvement and interest in this program has caused many students to possess stronger leadership skills.

When talking with LaSalle about the program, he reflected on the experience he gained from Temple, “I'm really grateful to Temple. Besides all faculty support designing and measuring the impact of this program, the inception for this project began when I was a master's student. Learning about the complexity and richness of human motivation created the foundation for which the program is based on.”

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- Breanna Pegula