Mayor Nutter attends Mayors Day
Christa Rossi, College of Education Jumpstart Site Manager and Alaina Billing, Jumpstart Corps Member were selected as recipients of the Mayor's Award for Distinguished National Service.
The Mayor’s Award for Distinguished Service by a Recent Alumnus/a of AmeriCorps went to Christa Rossi from Jumpstart Philadelphia. Christa is the current site manager at Jumpstart Philadelphia. A Jumpstart alumnus, Christa has grown Philadelphia’s Jumpstart site rapidly and worked to support and strengthen relationships with key non-profit and city partners. She’s known as a tireless worker who’s dedicated to providing the best education to the children in North Philadelphia.
The Mayor’s Award for Distinguished AmeriCorps Service went to Alaina Billing from Jumpstart Philadelphia. Alaina is in her second term as an AmeriCorps member with Jumpstart Philadelphia and won this award for her dedication to the children in North Philadelphia. She’s recruited and trained more than 126 volunteers to serve over 700 children in North Philly.  She also runs the Reader’s Program which connects 4th graders with kindergarten and first grade classes to provide reading support.
The Mayor created this award to recognize the tremendous contributions currently serving AmeriCorps members and Senior Corps Volunteers give to the city of Philadelphia.  In addition, he wanted to recognize AmeriCorps and Peace Corps alumni who have continued their life of service in Philadelphia as non-profit executives, city government leaders, social entrepreneurs, and corporate citizens.
Mayor Michael A. Nutter was joined by more than 2,600 mayors across the country in celebrating the third annual Mayors Day of Recognition for National Service, an initiative he announced during his presidential address at the 81st convening of the U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM) in Washington, D.C., in January 2013.
The Mayors Day of Recognition for National Service was initiated by Mayor Nutter in partnership with the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), Cities of Service, the National League of Cities, and other organizations. Mayor Nutter was instrumental in recruiting a bipartisan group of 832 mayors in all 50 states—including six in Pennsylvania—to participate in this first-ever Day of Recognition in 2013.
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