Local Elementary Students To Visit Temple University

The college and career pipeline of Philadelphia is broken. Students are not completing high school with the requisite skills to be prepared for college and eventual job opportunities. Nationally, the fastest growing jobs are in Career and Technical Education (CTE) fields: health care, the skilled trades, STEM, IT and marketing. Philadelphia students need to be prepared to take advantage of these growing opportunities. Students who participate in Career and Technical Education have higher rates of on-time high school graduation and credit accumulation and a greater propensity of successfully finishing a college preparatory course load.
The Career and Technical Education (CTE) Fair will expose seventh grade students from local Philadelphia elementary schools to the CTE programs available at Randolph, Dobbins, and Mastbaum High Schools. During their visit to Temple's campus on Monday, November 14 or Tuesday, November 15, the seventh graders will rotate through mini-presentations by high school students representing 20 various CTE programs at the three high schools. The seventh graders will also tour the Temple University campus to think about how their interest in a CTE program also connects with their choice of college majors. With this information about their options, the seventh grade students will be better prepared to make informed career-oriented choices as they consider CTE programs as part of their pathway to and through college, and in the spring, consider that information as they choose the Philadelphia high schools to which they apply for admission.
This partnership is with Steppingstone and Assistant Superintendent John Tupponce from the School District of Philadelphia Neighborhood Network 4. Dean Gregory Anderson will be joining John Tupponce to welcome the students.