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In recognition of university-based scholars in the United States who are doing the most to shape educational practice and policy, Rick Hess of EducationWeek released the 2018 Edu-Scholar Public Influence Rankings. In this year's ranking, Sara Goldrick-Rab, professor of higher education policy and sociology was ranked seventh, three spots up from her 2017 ranking. As far as attention in the education press, Goldrick-Rab topped the charts. Goldrick-Rab has been ranked for seven consecutive years. Her previous rankings are as follows:

2017: 10th
2016: 13th
2015: 29th
2014: 62nd
2013: 60th
2012: 31st

Marc Lamont Hill, professor of Steve Charles professor of media, cities, and solutions and and professor of urban education was ranked #55. In terms of web presence, Lamont Hill received the maximum score. When it came social media, Lamont Hill posted the top Klout scores for the second year in a row.

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