“Teach With Integrity” 

Dr. Tamara SniadThe February 22nd Temple University Men’s Basketball game was more than just a game for Dr. Tamara Sniad; it was the night her hard work – inside and outside of the classroom – was noticed.
Dr. Tamara Sniad, Assistant Professor of TESOL, was recognized by the Office of the Provost for her outstanding classroom and community engagement. “There are so many incredible faculty in the College of Education,” said Dr. Sniad, “I am very grateful that the University takes the time to notice the work we are doing.”
Dr. Sniad became fascinated with linguistics and language learning in her freshman year of college when she decided to take an elective. After her undergraduate, she studied and worked aboard for a year and upon her return went to graduate school in Florida for linguistics and TESOL.  She moved to Philadelphia to attend a doctoral program, studying language use in teaching. After graduating, Dr. Sniad took administrative positions working with language minority students and families in schools and directed a national professional development program in non-formal education.  
At Temple University, Dr. Sniad says one of her greatest milestone is the $2.7 million Department of Education grant she was recently awarded with Dr. Jill Swavely to improve the experiences and outcomes of English language learners in middle and high school. “One of the things I value is the collaboration you see with faculty and students within the College of Education.  Another is the dedication of the college to partner with community organizations and schools,” said Dr. Sniad. “These relationships not only support high-quality K-12 education, but strengthen our programs to prepare future classroom, school, and district leaders.”  
To Dr. Sniad, it’s important for all educators to see themselves as learners. “I hope students leave my classroom believing that all students can learn, and equipped with resources and strategies to help make that happen,” said Dr. Sniad. 
Dr. Sniad, it’s all about “teaching with integrity.” “With two young children, any of my students can be their teacher,” Dr. Sniad explained, “I want to do my best job to prepare them to teach not just my children, but all children.”
- Jane Clauss