Doug Lombardi, assistant professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning, has earned the prestigious Early Career Research Award through the National Association for Research in Science Teaching: A Worldwide Organization for Improving Teaching and Learning Through Research. Recipients of this award demonstrate potential in educational research and have proven to be prolific contributors to their field within the first five years of receiving their doctorate. 
Lombardi has made significant contributions to the field of science education through his work with pre-service teachers. Specifically, his goal is to foster “scientific habits of mind” in emerging teachers to help them cultivate critical thinking in their students through the lens of scientific models and theories. His work focuses on helping teachers teach students how to think scientifically--a feat that many have tried to accomplish for years in the field. His work has also examined the how students engage in Earth science education.
With 22 peer-reviewed journal articles in several influential publications, he has been able to work closely with education researchers, scientists, psychologists, and teachers to address the current challenges in science education.