Office of Field Placement

Clearances for Career & Technical Education (CTE) Teacher Interns

Before you begin coursework in the CTE Program: 

Prior to beginning coursework in the CTE Program, CTE Interns are required to submit updated copies of all four clearances. This approval of clearances is referred to as the "baseline" approval for fieldwork within the CTE Program.

Subsequent years in the CTE Program:

After submission of clearances for the "baseline" approval, CTE Teacher Interns are required to submit updated copies of all four clearances prior to the academic years in which they plan to take, or are taking, courses taught by the College of Education and not the Center for Professional Development (aka "The Center"). These courses are:

  • Undergraduate: EDUC 2109, SPED 2231, and EDUC 4111
  • Graduate: EDUC 5402, TESL 5631

If CTE Teacher Interns do not plan to enroll, or are not enrolled, in any of the College of Education courses above (or any other College of Education course that requires clearances) either during fall or spring semester of an academic year (August - May), then they may choose to submit an Act 24 Form in lieu of getting all four clearances updated, as long as they meet the following criteria:

  • The CTE Teacher Interns are continuously enrolled as Temple University students.
  • The CTE Teacher Interns take courses that are taught by and managed by the Center for Professional Development ("The Center") in CTE.

For details as to which four clearances are required, how to obtain them, and how to upload them to EdPortal, the Office of Field Placement's online clearinghouse for clearances, please click here.

ACT 24

Act 24 Forms must be submitted annually to The Center for Professional Development in CTE between May 1st and July 1st of each year via this online form: CTE Act 24 Submission Form.

Important policy notes:

  • CTE Teacher Interns who have indicated on the Act 24 form that the have been arrested and/or convicted of a crime in the past year should contact Mr. Bernie McGee in the Office of Field Placement immediately, and no later than a week before the start of the semester, in order to establish a meeting with him and clarify next steps.
  • CTE Teacher Interns who submit an Act 24 form to The Center that does not indicate an arrest and/or conviction in the past year but about whom it is learned that the CTE Teacher Intern has in fact been arrested and/or convicted of a crime within the past year will be subject to immediate dismissal from the CTE Program at Temple University.
  • CTE Teacher Interns who do not submit Act 24 forms by the designated date will not be given credit by their course instructors for any fieldwork until the Act 24 form is submitted and is cleared by The Center.

CTE Teacher Interns who do not submit either the four updated clearances or the Act 24 form may be prevented from registering for or enrolling in future coursework in the CTE Program at Temple University.

For information about how which clearances are required and instructions for how to obtain them, please see this webpage.

For information about how to upload your clearances into EdPortal for review and approval, please see this webpage.