Office of Field Placement

Part II. Where Will I Be Placed?

In the context of student teaching, while a variety of issues influence the school and teacher assignment process and we cannot guarantee any individual student teacher placement, understanding your specific interests and personal and professional needs will help us to better match students, schools, and cooperating teachers. A further understanding of the student teacher application and placement process, described below, will help you provide us with information pertinent to the placement process.

Indicating Considerations for Placement: What the Information You Provide Us Means

As you indicate placement considerations, please be aware that a set of important College goals will help influence assignments. We cannot guarantee you placement in a specific school or region. Please see below for placement considerations that students in each program are able to share with the Office of Field Placement on their applications.

Regional Considerations: Early Childhood Education*, Secondary Education, and Special Education Graduate Practicum

Early Childhood Education*, Secondary Education, and Special Education Graduate Practicum applicants should review the list of regional areas from which an applicant may indicate a first and second consideration for placement. Applicants in these programs must select at least one region from the Philadelphia list. Individual schools and districts are not listed for selection on the application itself, though you may indicate interest in a particular district or school in the "Comments" section of the application.

*Undergraduate students who entered the ECE program in Fall 2017 or later will be engaging in a residency experience during their senior year (final two semesters). They will complete an intensive year-long experience in a classroom in a placement school that also hosts a cohort of other students, all of whom will be supported by the same Temple coach for the year. These students' placements will be determined by the Office of Field Placement and will likely be situated in Philadelphia. Fall 2017 admits as juniors should complete the Fall 2018 student teaching application in advance of their year-long placement that will commence in Fall 2018.

Note for ECE/SPED and SEC ED/SPED Dual Certification majors: The student teaching experience is connected to the ECE requirements of your program. While your dual cert. status is shared with the school and/or district that we contact on your behalf for a placement, it is the school and/or district that determines whether an ECE placement for you in the school/and or district would also include a SPED placement opportunity of some kind.

Grade-Level Considerations: Middle Grades

Middle Grades applicants will be placed in one of a few selected district or charter schools within Philadelphia. No regional consideration applies for the Middle Grades program. Instead, applicants will indicate both grade level and subject area considerations.

Content Considerations: TUTeach (Mathematics)

TUTeach applicants for apprentice teaching will be placed in district or charter schools within Philadelphia. No regional preference applies for the TUTeach program. TUTeach Mathematics majors may indicate content area (algebra, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus, calculus) considerations.

Professional Development School (PDS) Placement (ECE and SEC ED undergraduates)

Within the Comments section on your application (ECE or SEC ED undergraduates only), you may indicate your interest in a Professional Development School (PDS) Placement. Some Spring 2018 student teachers will be placed within a Temple PDS partner school. A PDS student teaching placement involves the following:

  • a placement with a cohort of other student teachers from Temple at the same school,
  • a Temple coach who visits the school weekly and who also serves as the cohort's seminar instructor,  
  • a seminar course held on-site at the school after-school one afternoon per week, and
  • a professional development workshop held of a day preceding the start of the semester for relationship building activities with one's Cooperating Teacher and an overview of strategies for co-teaching within the student teaching experience.

Additional Considerations for Placements (All Programs)

On your application for student teaching, you may be asked to indicate your interest in participating in some alternative placement opportunities such as a placement at a charter school with extended hours or a cooperative placement with another student teacher. Indicating your interest in participating in these opportunities does not guarantee you will be placed in these schools, but assists us in determining the best placement for your needs and interests.

Placing Student Teachers

Schools and districts play an active role in determining which students are assigned to which schools. Based on your input and the College priorities, the Assistant Director of Field Placement or the Field Placement Coordinator in the College makes a formal request to the individual school districts. The district, based on its own criteria, then determines whether or not to pursue the request at the school level. The principal, based on his/her own criteria and the ability to meet the request (e.g. availability of a master teacher who meets the requirements of the Pennsylvania Department of Education), works with individual teachers at the school to determine which candidates, if any, will be selected to student teach at the school and with which teachers.

Students seeking a placement outside the School District of Philadelphia should understand that, by agreement with the districts, the College sends ALL such applications to the district offices only. YOU MAY NOT CONTACT SCHOOLS OR DISTRICTS ON YOUR OWN INITIATIVE. YOU MUST FOLLOW THE APPLICATION PROCEDURES ESTABLISHED BETWEEN THE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION AND THE SURROUNDING DISTRICTS. IN ORDER FOR A SUBURBAN DISTRICT PLACEMENT REQUEST TO BE MADE ON YOUR BEHALF, YOU MUST SUBMIT:



It is also important to note that some school districts are requested by far more potential student teachers, both here at Temple and from the nearly 20 other teacher preparation programs in the region, than they can accommodate. It could be the case that a district is unable to arrange a placement for a Temple student due to this demand. If the suburban district solicited for a student teaching placement is not able to accommodate a student then the Office of Field Placement pursues a placement for the student teacher in the Philadelphia region identified on the student teacher's application.

Requests for accommodations

If you are a student with a disability who may require one or more accommodations either in the placement process and/or during the student teaching experience itself, please consult with the Assistant Director of Field Placement, Bernie McGee, immediately and before completing your application. Accommodations requested after the application deadline cannot be guaranteed.

If you have extraordinary circumstances and need to request a student teaching placement outside our usual network of schools, please consult with the Assistant Director of Field Placement, Bernie McGee, immediately and before completing this application.

Timeline for Notification

Schools and districts vary in the amount of time they take to consider individual student teacher applications and respond to our placement requests. While the College is working to ensure prompt responses and will be in regular contact during the placement process, responses, both acceptances and denials, often take more time than anticipated.

College-recommended student teacher placements are considered tentative until final confirmation by the school site and a specific cooperating teacher is named. Students with particularly complicated situations or specific needs or concerns also have opportunities to discuss their placements within specific time limits; however, students may not arrange for placements on their own.

You will be notified via email as soon as we confirm that you are eligible to student teach and we have confirmation of your placement.

Please note that even if we get an approved placement for you and notify you of this placement, this placement is contingent upon an academic review conducted by the College of Education advising unit.

Placements are also subject to change at any time due to changes in school personnel, grade and content area teaching assignments, etc.

What if I'm Not Happy With My Placement?

Requesting a change in school placement AFTER we have sent your application to a school on your behalf is strongly discouraged. Make your choices carefully and provide as much information as you can on your application. It is also imperative that you complete the application thoroughly and on time; if you are requesting a suburban district placement, you must submit the additional hard copies of your paperwork to the Office of Field Placement by the September 15th final deadline.

To ensure timely and appropriate placements, students should regularly check Temple email and quickly respond to any requests from the Office of Field Placement. Before you complete the application, if you have questions, please contact:

  • Bernie McGee, Assistant Director of Field Placement, (215) 204-1520, or
  • Tonya Thomas, Field Placement Coordinator, (215) 204-6070,

And please remember, Temple University cannot guarantee you a student teaching placement in a school district of your choice.

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