Ph.D. in Education

Doctor of Philosophy in Education (Ph.D.)

The PhD in Education at Temple University responds to the innovative notions of doctorate preparation in the field of education as identified by the Carnegie Foundation study of the doctorate (Shulman et al., 2006). The program is structured to highlight the interdisciplinary nature of the field of education and to build on the unique characteristics of Temple University as articulated in Temple’s Strategic Compass, especially its status as an urban and diverse institution that emphasizes user-inspired, social justice-oriented, and community-connected scholarship.

Developed through a college-wide collaborative effort that included representatives of all programs at the College of Education, this program offers an integrated and interdisciplinary design providing fundamental knowledge and resources along with the opportunity to specialize with concentrations in Applied Linguistics, Educational Psychology, Literacies & Learners, Math & Science Education, Special Education, or Urban Education.

Special Features of Temple University

Temple University’s location in the center of a large and diverse urban setting, its character as a diverse institution, and its commitment to community-related and user-inspired scholarship constitute tremendous assets to the interdisciplinary PhD Program in Education. Temple University’s location in the midst of a network of educational districts, systems, and institutions that serve highly diverse communities, and that cope with the most complex educational issues, positions it as a highly credible institution within which to pursue theoretical and practice-relevant scholarship in education. The fact that Temple University itself is a diverse and large educational organization complements the opportunities afforded by its location for research and intervention in important educational processes. These features and Temple's committment to recruit diverse students of high academic achievement or promise draws graduate students from around the nation as well as from other countries. Moreover, Temple University promise attracts doctoral students who already have hands-on experience in the Philadelphia region’s educational systems, thus contributing to the quality of the program as well as to Temple’s community involvement.