Ph.D. in Education

PhD in Education with Concentration in Applied Linguistics


The Interdisciplinary PhD in Education with a concentration in Applied Linguistics prepares students to study ways in which languages – and in particular second or additional languages – are used, taught, and learned in today’s increasingly globalized and multilingual world. The program promotes significant research on the teaching, learning, and assessment of additional languages, including but not limited to English, and on the interaction between language ideologies and practices in multilingual communities and societies. Students gain theoretical grounding, research experiences, and academic skills that prepare them for academic research positions in the areas of Applied Linguistics, Second and Foreign Language Education, and TESOL, as well as for other academic and practice-oriented positions.

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Program Requirements

Required Course Work

Course Description Credits
Program Requirements
College-Wide Pro-Seminars 6
Educ 8103 Contemporary Trends in Educational Research  
Educ 8104 Epistemology and Method in Educational Research  
College-wide Research Method Courses 15
Select 15 credits minimum, including research design and two courses in both statistics introductory and intermediate statistics, qualitative methods, and research design  
Concentration Courses (Should be selected in consultation with faculty advisor) 18
Research Apprenticeship (An internship in the form of a research apprenticeship is required.) 6
Culminating Courses (Select 6 credits total with a minimum of 2 credits in EDUC 9999) 6
Educ 9994 Preliminary Examination Preparation  
Educ 9998 Dissertation Proposal Design  
Educ 9999 Doctor of Education Dissertation (minimum of 2 credits)  
Minimum Credit Hours 51

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