Ph.D. in Education

PhD in Education with Concentration in Educational Psychology

The Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program in Education with a concentration in Educational Psychology seeks to advance the understanding of learning, cognition, and human development as these processes apply to educational processes and practices. The Educational Psychology Program is characterized by a strong theoretical and research orientation, the interplay of theory and practice, an interdisciplinary approach, and a commitment to service. Designed for students seeking to become professors or researchers in higher education, it is structured around the three areas of learning and conceptual processes, human development, and applied data analysis and research methodology.

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Program Requirements

Program Requirements
Course Description Credit

College-Wide Proseminars

EDUC 8103 Contemporary Trends in Educational Research 3
EDUC 8104 Epistemology and Method in Educational Research 3

College-wide Research Method Courses

Select 15 credits minimum, including at least one course each in statistics, qualitative methods, and research design) from the following: 15
Introduction to Qualitative Research  
Introduction to Statistics and Research  
Ethnographic Research Methods  
Intermediate Educational Statistics    
     EPSY 8627 Introduction to Research Design and Methods  
     EPSY 8826 Multivariate Research Methods  
     EPSY 5551 Introduction to Program Evaluation  

Educational Psychology Concentration Courses

EPSY 8735 Proseminar in Learning 3
EPSY 8741 Proseminar in Human Development 3
EPSY 8986 Proseminar in Educational Psychology 3

Research Apprenticeship


College-wide Elective Courses

Select 6-12 credits 6-12

Culminating Courses

Select 6 credits overall including: 6
EDUC 9994 Preliminary Examination Preparation  
EDUC 9998 Dissertation Proposal Design  
Doctor of Education Dissertation (minimum of 2 credits)  
Internship: An internship in the form of a research apprenticeship is required.  

Total Credit Hours


Refer to the PhD in Education Program Requirements for additional details. Most courses are offered in the evening to accommodate working professionals. The length of time to complete the doctoral degree program varies depending upon the number of courses taken each semester. Students may matriculate in either part-time or full-time capacity (except during the Ph.D. residency period).

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