Program Requirements - Secondary Education (MEd) and Special Education (MEd): English


Core Courses  
EDUC 5255 Tech in Classrooms: TPCK 3
EDUC 5402 Child and Adol Develop 3
EDUC 5409 Research Methods and Induction Capstone 3
SECE 5471 Literacy and Differentiation in the Academic Areas, 7-12 3
TESL 5631 Foundations of Language Teaching: Meeting the Needs of English Language Learners 3
Special Education Courses  
SPED 5106 Literacy Instruction for Young Children with Disabilities 3
SPED 5109 Classroom Management and Positive Behavior Support 3
SPED 5187 Graduate Assessment Practicum in Early Childhood Special Education 3
SPED 5211 Effective Instructional Strategies for Young Children with Disabilities 3
SPED 5402 Effective Transition Practices for Students with Mild Disabilities 3
SPED 5666 Inclusive School Practices 1 3
English Education Concentration Courses  
ENES 5641 Tchg Composition Sec Sch 3
ENES 5642 Tchg Literature Sec Sch 3
Supervised Teaching  
EDUC 5605 Models of Teaching 3
EDUC 5888 Supervised Teaching 4
Total Credit Hours 46

It is recommended that SPED 5666 be the first Special Education course taken by students in the program.

Milestones: Students must meet two milestones during their training:

  • Intermediate Performance Assessment (IPA)
  • Senior Performance Assessment (SPA)

Culminating Events: Student teaching and its related seminar are the culminating events for this program. For EDUC 5888 Supervised Teaching, students receive training and experiences in both secondary education and special education. The Supervised Teaching course for Secondary Education students entails 14 weeks of supervised teaching in a Secondary Education content area classroom.