Secondary Education (BSEd): English Education

The specialization in English Education emphasizes the social, intellectual and discursive skills necessary to ensure that students can not only survive, but thrive in a rapidly expanding world. Courses stress connections between the advanced literacy demands of high school and the similarities and differences in the literacies necessary to thrive in home and school communities. The English Education program seeks to prepare teachers to engage secondary students in the production and interpretation of literary and non-literary spoken and written texts. Graduates of this specialization can identify the basic structures and functions of language; become familiar with the texts and histories of American, European and non-Western literary genres; and place reading and writing within the larger context of films, plays, videos and other forms of expression.

Students seeking certification in Secondary Education: English must complete the requirements for both the major in Secondary Education: English AND for the English major as specified by the English Department. (For more information on the English department's major requirements, refer to the College of Liberal Art's English major.) In order to assure that students gain the content knowledge specified by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, we strongly recommend students to choose English electives that include the following areas: Linguistics, Shakespeare, and African American literature. Coursework in these areas prepare students for the state-mandated Praxis II examination

Contact Information

If you have additional questions about the English Education program, please contact:

Dr. Michael Smith, Associate Dean and Professor
phone: (215) 204-6137

Major Requirements

Course List
Code Title Credit Hours
EDUC 1255 Inclusive Education for a Diverse Society 3
EDUC 2103 Socio-cultural Foundations of Education in the United States 1 3
EDUC 2109 Adolescent Development for Educators 1 3
EDUC 2296 Effective Teaching: Theory and Practice 3
SPED 2231 Introduction to Inclusive Education 1 3
EDUC 2255 Effective Use of Instructional Technology in Classrooms 3
EDUC 2306 Assessment and Evaluation 3
ENES 3338 Foundations of Language Teaching: Teaching English Language Learners in Grades 4 to 12 3
SECE 3796 Differentiated Literacy Instruction in the Disciplines, 7-12 3
EDUC 4111 Classroom and Conflict Management in Grades 4 through 12 3
SECE 4801 Senior Seminar and Performance Assessment in Secondary Education 3
SECE 4688 Student Teaching in Secondary Education 9
Total Credit Hours 42

Course required for candidacy.

Program Requirements for Secondary Education / English Education

Course List
Code Title Credit Hours
ENES 4366 Teaching Literature and Reading 7-12 3
ENES 4371 Teaching Oral and Written Communication: 7-12 3
EDUC 4389 Field Experience 1
EDUC 4389 Field Experience 1
Total Credit Hours 8