Secondary Education (MEd) and Special Education (MEd): World/Foreign Languages

The M.Ed. in Secondary Education and Special Education is designed to prepare students to teach in a diverse, urban context and to have the skills to address the challenges facing both students and educators in urban schools. Teachers who are well-equipped to create inclusive classrooms foster learning for all students, including those with disabilities, learning deficits, and language differences, as well as those from diverse cultures within and outside mainstream American culture. In addressing student diversity, effective teachers create pedagogical strategies that are founded on principles of social, cognitive, emotional, and intellectual development. Students in the program learn to present lesson plans that differentiate instruction and include concrete strategies designed to ensure that all students’ needs are met and all students have the opportunity to succeed in the classroom. Our students spend some time in the field in the broad spectrum of Philadelphia schools, with the idea that a diverse sequence of field experiences promote an understand of the impact of resources on education and efforts to ensure equitable access to good education for all children.

The M.Ed. in Secondary Education and Special Education degree program is designed for individuals choosing to change careers after earning a baccalaureate degree in another field to prepare them for initial teacher certification in Secondary Education (grades 7-12) and Special Education (grades 7-12). With this degree, students are highly qualified to teach in a variety of school settings. They earn a combined M.Ed. in Secondary Education and Special Education, with dual certification in Special Education and one of the concentration areas in Secondary Education.

The World/Foreign Languages Education specialization of the Secondary Education program is devoted to providing students with a combination of fluency in the target language and the ability to implement best practices in foreign language pedagogy. The World/Foreign Languages Education specialization emphasizes that learning a foreign language also means learning about another way of life and developing intercultural understanding in order to escape a narrow cultural perspective. Through the experiences in this program, students gain a deeper understanding of the nature of language and culture.

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