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Merit Scholar Stipend Process

College of Education Merit Scholars

Stipend Application Process & Opportunities


Summer Educational Enhancement Stipends are intended to provide outstanding Temple students admitted to the University Honors Program as first-year students, including President’s Scholars and Provost’s Scholars, with the opportunity to advance students’ educational goals outside of the classroom through funded experiential learning opportunities.  Specific eligibility and guidelines can be found at

As internship offerings and research opportunities become available within the College of Education, they will be listed on this website and updated as needed.  Students should consult with the Education Abroad office (Tuttleman 200) for approved study abroad options.

The process for all College of Education Freshman students submitting a Summer Stipend application is:

  1. Identify opportunity and complete the application through the online Merit Scholar Stipend System.
  1. An appointment is required for Study Abroad experiences as your academic plan will need to be reviewed, but is not required to submit the application for research or internship opportunities.  Any incomplete applications will be returned, citing the reason.
  2. Once your complete application has been submitted, it will be reviewed for approval: 
  • Internship applications will be reviewed by undergraduate advising and by Dr. Julie Booth, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies.
  • Research applications need an additional review by the faculty member overseeing the research.
  • Study Abroad planning will be coordinated with the International Programs Office in consultation with College of Education advising. 

​If the application is approved, it will be sent to the Senior Vice Provost’s office for final approval and initial financial disbursement processing.

If you have any questions about searching for internships, research opportunities, or study abroad programs contact Rob O'Malley.