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Software Licensing Fee: Tk20

The College of Education uses a specialized software called TK20 to support field experiences, academic and professional portfolios, graduate advising and certification. Additionally, clearances and candidacy are managed through TK20. Students in the College of Education are assessed a $25 licensing fee once per year (in the Fall semester). The TK20 license is valid for ten years and students can continue to use TK20 after graduation to manage and develop additional portfolios, track your academic history, and stay connected with alumni and colleagues. Students can learn more about TK20 online.

TK20 Login Page (

  • Your Temple AccessnetID and password will also be your Tk20 login, once your account is activated.

  • You must be currently registered in the College of Education to receive a Tk20 license.  Once activated, your license is valid for 10 years.

  • New student accounts will be activated each semester after add/drop.

Tk20 Help Desk

Tk20 ePortfolio Resources