Teacher Education

Instructional II Certificate

Converting an Instructional Level I Certificate to an Instructional Level II Certificate

It is the responsibility of each certificate holder to obtain the Level II Certificate before the service life of the Level I Certificate expires.

After the applicant has completed all requirements, he or she may apply for Level II Certification. A minimum of three years of satisfactory service (a minimum of half-time in Pennsylvania in an appropriate position on a Pennsylvania Level I Certificate) is required. For certificates issued in September 1980 and thereafter, the time frame begins anytime after the third year of service in Pennsylvania and ends at the completion of the school year of the sixth year of service in Pennsylvania.

Other requirements for Level II Certification (e.g. credit requirement and the induction requirement) depend on the type of Level I Certificate and the year it was issued.

Holders of Level II Certificates must continue to meet Act 48 and State Board of Education Chapter 49 requirements in order to keep their certificates valid.

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