Undergraduate Academic and Student Affairs

Academic Advising (and Registration)

Who Should See An Advisor?

All College of Education students are encouraged to see an Academic Advisor every semester.  This helps the student in creating an accurate academic plan while also giving students the opportunity to ask questions about certification exams, possible study abroad, resources at Temple, etc.   

Most students are able to register themselves, but should consult an Academic Advisor before doing so.  Registration is completed by students using Self-Service Banner (SSB) which is available through TUPortal.  Registration information and details are available on the Office of the University Registrar's pages

Students who MUST see an Academic Advisor before they can register :

  1. Students in their first semester at Temple University
  2. Students on Academic Warning must see an Academic Advisor before they are able to register.  After an appointment with an Academic Advisor, students in Warning will be provided a PIN number allowing them to register.
  3. Students on Academic Probation must see an Academic Advisor to register, they cannot register themselves.
  4. Students who have just Re-enrolled must meet with an Academic Advisor before registering.

Advising: Hours and Availability

Same Day Appointment Advising

On Main Campus, same day advising appointments are available every Monday and during peak advising times (the Add/Drop and Priority Registration periods each semester).   A same day advising appointment provides students the opportunity to schedule an Academic Advising appointment for that day.   It is available:

  • Every Monday throughout each semester (fall and spring)
  • Every day during the drop/add period (the first two weeks of each semester)
  • Every day during Priority Registration periods in fall and spring (dates vary)

To schedule, students can call 215-204-8011 or come to the Shimada Resource Center (SRC) beginning at 8:45 a.m. on days when Same Day Appointments are available.

Pre-scheduled Advising Appointments

On Main Campus, advising appointments are available Tuesdays through Fridays during fall and spring semesters.   To schedule an appointment, please stop by the Shimada Resource Center or call 215-204-8011.

Summer Advising Hours

  • Advisors work all summer, so advising appointments are available throughout the summer.


Students register through Self Service Banner (SSB or Banner for short).  This is accessed by logging into TU Portal.   For all details about registering (including registration dates each semester) please review the Office of the Registrar's web pages.

How do I Drop, Add or withdraw from courses?*

Students use the same system (SSB/Banner) used for initial registration when making any and all schedule adjustments.

  • Dropping courses: Most students can drop their course(s) without any assistance from an Academic Advisor (athletes, international students and students on probation usually must see an Advisor).  The drop deadline for each semester is posted on the Office of the Registrar web pages and is usually announced to the College community via the Blackboard College of Education Undergraduate Community and via email.  Once the published Drop deadline has passed, students can only withdraw from courses (see below).   Dropping a class results in the deletion of the class from the student's roster.
  • Adding courses: Most students can add and drop course(s) without any assistance from an Academic Advisor (athletes, international students and students on probation usually must see an Advisor).   Students can self-add courses through the end of the first week of courses (fall and spring semesters).   After the first week of classes ends, the only way to add a course is with Advisor and faculty approval.  
  • Withdrawing from classes: After the Drop period has passed, students have only the option to withdraw from a class or classes. (Just as students register themselves and drop/add, students use SSB/Banner to withdraw.)   Students should consult the Office of the Registrar website for the withdraw deadline each semester and should also familiarize themselves with the Withdraw Policy as well as the Repeat Policy prior to self-withdrawing.  Most students can withdraw from course(s) without any assistance from an Academic Advisor (athletes, international students and students on probation usually must see an Advisor).   The College of Ed encourages all students to consult with professors about their current standing in the class prior to withdrawing and to also seek advice from an Academic Advisor. 
  • Withdraw with Approved Excuse:  “Withdrawal with approved excuse” refers to an approved petition to withdraw from a course due to medical, catastrophic or other circumstances beyond the student’s control.   Students facing such circumstances and challenges should contact an Academic Advisor to discuss their situation. 

*It is always a good idea to consult an Advisor when making any schedule adjustments.  

What if the Course I select is Closed?

If the course for which a student is attempting to register is a College of Education course that is required in the next semester, students should not contact the professor directly, but rather, should follow the process to wait list for the course. 

I am Trying to Register, but am Getting an Error Message

A registration error message appeared for a course. Why?

  • Co-Requisite Error: Students must register for all co-requisites at the same time - they cannot be added one by one! Transfer students who satisfied one or more of the co-requisites through transfer courses must contact an Academic Advisor to request a co-req override.
  • Degree Restriction: For specific degree only.
  • Duplicate Course: Error Will appear if course already on roster.
  • Department Restriction: For specific dept. only.
  • Level Restriction: Undergraduate Students cannot register for Graduate level courses without Advisor permission and overrides.
  • Major Restrictions: The course is reserved for students in a specific major only.
  • Pre-Requisite Error: Students cannot register for a course unless they have fulfilled the pre-requisites of that course.   Transfer students who satisfied one or more of the pre-requisites through transfer courses must contact an Academic Advisor to request a pre-req override.
  • Program Restriction: The course is reserved for students in a specific program only.
  • Repeat Limit Restriction: Students will need to complete a Third Attempt Petition and meet with an Academic Advisor  to submit this before they can register for the course.  
  • Special Approval Error: Special approval needed: “Permission of Advisor, Instructor, or Department Chair”. This almost always indicates a course reserved for a special population of students (i.e.: Honor or ESL students). Check the course description for that section by clicking on the CRN and it will indicate what special population for which the section is meant; find another section!
  • Student Attribute Restriction: The student likely does not have their clearances updated.   Contact the Office of Field Placement in the SRC by calling 215-204-8011 or emailing 
  • Student Cohort Code Restriction: Students must apply for Candidacy before proceeding.
  • Time Conflict Error: Students cannot register for courses that have times that conflict.  This will not be overridden by an Advisor, you must find a new section.