Undergraduate Teacher Education

Undergraduate Teacher Certification Programs

If you are planning on attending Temple as an undergraduate and are interested in becoming a certified teacher, we offer a variety of programs to prepare you for teacher certification.

Early Childhood – Elementary Education (ECE) Program: PreK - 4th Grade

Undergraduates in our ECE program will acquire the knowledge and skills they need to help young children excel in a variety of pre-school and elementary education settings. 

Middle Grades Education (MGE) Program: Grades 4 – 8

Undergraduates in the MGE program learn to teach all subjects while also choosing a dual concentration to become highly qualified in Language Arts and Mathematics, Language Arts and Science or Mathematics and Science at the middle grades level. 

Secondary Education Programs: Grades 7 to 12

Undergraduates in the secondary education program earn the equivalent of an academic major in a content area as well as taking pedagogy courses and development courses that explain how to effectively teach the content area to adolescents. Secondary education certificates include mathematics education, science education, foreign language education, English education, and social studies education.

Career and Technical Fields

In collaboration with the Center for Professional Development in Career and Technical Education, undergraduates can enroll in these bachelor’s + certification programs:

  1. Business, Computer, and Information Technology education
  2. Industrial education
  3. Marketing education

Accelerated (Dual Degree: 4+1) Programs

The College of Education offers 4+1 Accelerated Dual-Degree Programs that provide students with a bachelors' degree in their intended undergraduate major and a master's in education with teacher certification in the selected specialty.

Middle Grades Education Accelerated Programs

Secondary Education Accelerated Programs

Special Education Accelerated Program