Urban Education

Urban Education (M.Ed.)

Program Description

Urban Education is one of the most exciting and dynamic fields in education today. The MEd in Urban Education provides students with an understanding of the social context of urban schools, historical and contemporary school reform efforts, and the relationship between broader social, political, and economic issues and the experiences of students and communities—all with a strong emphasis on social justice and creating bridges between theory and practice. The program aims to create engaged practitioners and leaders. Students currently in the classroom will place their practice in its larger social and economic context, think critically about issues of policy and practice, and develop tools for creating change within their schools and beyond. Additionally, the program is ideal for recent college graduates who wish to effect positive change through community-based education, adult literacy, community development, afters school programs and family centers. Many graduates from the Urban Education M.Ed. program go on to pursue doctoral studies. Students select a specialization in Teaching in Urban Schools, Education Policy, and School-Community Partnerships.

Program Requirements

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