Secondary Education (BSEd): Mathematics Education

Applicants seeking to become high school math teachers can choose between two programs that differ primarily in terms of the proportion of courses in the mathematics major, and the proportion of education-related courses on the nature of adolescents and how to teach. Students seeking certification in Secondary Education: Mathematics must complete the requirements for both the major in Secondary Education: Mathematics AND for the Mathematics (B.A.) major as specified by the College of Science and Technology. The eight semester plan that appears in the Academic Plan tab is inclusive of all requirements for both the Secondary Education: Mathematics major housed in the College of Education AND for the Mathematics B.A. housed in the College of Science and Technology (CST). Students entering this major must declare the second major of Mathematics through CST.

Middle School (7th & 8th Grades) and High School Mathematics Program

The Mathematics Education program follows the standards and recommendations of leading mathematics professional organizations such as the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. The curriculum is designed to provide candidates with knowledge of the interests and abilities of students at different levels of mathematics achievement. The program emphasizes problem-solving skills, mathematical thinking processes and methods of actively engaging children and young adults in their own learning.

The program includes:

  • 16 courses offered by the College of Science and Technology that provide comprehensive content knowledge of mathematics (e.g., calculus, probability theory, modern geometry, etc.)
  • 15 courses offered by the College of Education that provide comprehensive knowledge of adolescent development and effective techniques for teaching mathematics to diverse learners.

If you have additional questions about the Mathematics Education program, please contact:

Dr. Tim Fukawa-Connelly, Assistant Professor
phone: (215) 204-6206

TUteach and Mathematics Education

The TUteach program is grounded in the “How People Learn” framework described in recent National Academy of Science publications. Compared to the traditional Mathematics Education program (above), the streamlined education-related courses of TUteach have less comprehensive treatment of teaching techniques, management and adolescent development. The TUteach program prepares students to pursue the same career options as other math majors or to teach high school mathematics.

The program includes:

  • 19 courses offered by the College of Science and Technology that provide increased content knowledge
  • 10 courses offered by the College of Education on the nature of learning and effective instructional techniques.

If you have additional questions about the TUteach program, please contact:

Janelle Bailey, TUteach Co-Director
phone: (215) 204-5195

Major Requirements

Course List
Code Title Credit Hours
EDUC 1255 Inclusive Education for a Diverse Society 3
EDUC 2103 Socio-cultural Foundations of Education in the United States 1 3
EDUC 2109 Adolescent Development for Educators 1 3
EDUC 2296 Effective Teaching: Theory and Practice 3
SPED 2231 Introduction to Inclusive Education 1 3
EDUC 2255 Effective Use of Instructional Technology in Classrooms 3
EDUC 2306 Assessment and Evaluation 3
ENES 3338 Foundations of Language Teaching: Teaching English Language Learners in Grades 4 to 12 3
SECE 3796 Differentiated Literacy Instruction in the Disciplines, 7-12 3
EDUC 4111 Classroom and Conflict Management in Grades 4 through 12 3
SECE 4801 Senior Seminar and Performance Assessment in Secondary Education 3
SECE 4688 Student Teaching in Secondary Education 9
Total Credit Hours 42

Course required for candidacy.

Program Requirements for Secondary Education / Mathematics Education

Course List
Code Title Credit Hours
MAES 3145 Teaching & Learning Mathematics in the Middle Grades 3
MAES 4146 Teaching and Learning Mathematics in High School 3
MAES 4371 History of Mathematics 3
EDUC 4389 Field Experience 1
EDUC 4389 Field Experience 1
Total Credit Hours 11

Academic Content Area for Mathematics

Course List
Code Title Credit Hours
MATH 1041 Calculus I 4
or MATH 1038
MATH 1039
Calculus I with Lab
and Lab for Calculus I with Lab
MATH 1042 Calculus II 4
MATH 2043 Calculus III 4
MATH 2101 Linear Algebra 3
or MATH 2103 Linear Algebra with Computer Lab
MATH 2111 Basic Concepts of Math 3
MATH 3003 Theory of Numbers 3
MATH 3031 Probability Theory I 3
MATH 3032 Mathematical Statistics 3
MATH 3061 Modern Geometry I 3
MATH 3096 Introduction to Modern Algebra 3
MATH 3137 Real & Complex Analysis I 3
MATH 3138 Real & Complex Analysis II 3
MATH 4096 Senior Problem Solving 3
PHYS 1061 Elementary Classical Physics I 4
PHYS 1062 Elementary Classical Physics II 4
Select one of the following courses to fulfill the computer programming requirement: 4
Programming in Matlab  
Computer Programming in C  
Program Design and Abstraction  
Total Credit Hours 54