Research in the College of Education


Our pioneering research enterprise focuses
on breakthroughs that enhance people’s everyday lives. These breakthroughs have an impact on Philadelphia and in communities across the nation. We continue to add to the knowledge base that informs educational practice. Faculty conduct research on topics such as how children and young adults learn and how to improve the quality of teaching in urban schools. In 2016, externally funded research expenditure was $12.4 million, which reflects an increase of $2.7 million since 2014.

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Policy, Organizational & Leadership Studies

The Department of Policy, Organizational, and Leadership Studies (POLS) is concerned with understanding learning and approaches to teaching and learning. Programs focus on the training of professionals who develop and disseminate knowledge — educational researchers, consultants and practitioners, as well as those who teach in higher education. We also prepare professional psychologists for work in prevention, teaching, research, remediation, counseling and consulting.

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Psychological Studies in Education

The Department of Psychological Studies in Education (PSE) believes that learning and education can be enhanced through the application of psychological knowledge to teaching, curriculum development and learning in the service of families, groups and organizations, and in support of mental health.

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Teaching & Learning

Programs in the Department of Teaching and Learning prepare K–12 teachers for traditional and nontraditional settings. Skilled educators are prepared, research is conducted, model educational programs are developed, and teaching professionals are exposed to the newest theories, materials and methods in education. The department is concerned with elementary, middle, and secondary teacher preparation, as well as with the training of professionals who develop and disseminate knowledge

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Centers & Institutes

Career & Technical Education

The Career & Technical Education (CTE) offers career-long services to CTE professionals throughout the seventeen counties that comprise the eastern region of Pennsylvania. Its mission is to facilitate the professional development of all educators who work with career-bound students.

Center on Innovations in Learning

The Center on Innovations in Learning (CIL) is one of seven national content centers funded by the United States Department of Education. The Center on Innovations in Learning’s mission is to (a) increase the capacity of state education agencies (SEAs) to stimulate, select, implement, and scale up learning innovations in local education agencies (LEAs) and schools to improve learning outcomes for all students; and (b) increase the capacity of regional comprehensive centers (RCCs) to provide technical assistance to SEAs relative to the Center’s scope of responsibility.

Institute on Disabilities

The Institute on Disabilities (IOD) envisions a society where all people are valued and respected, and where all people have the knowledge, opportunity and power to improve their lives and the lives of others. The institute leads by example, creating connections and promoting networks within and among communities so that people with disabilities are recognized as integral to the fabric of community life.

Intergenerational Center

The Intergenerational Center (IGC) strengthens communities by bringing generations together to address critical concerns and creating opportunities for lifelong civic engagement. The knowledge and experience accumulated by the center enables it to develop, evaluate and replicate innovative programs, offer high quality training and consultation, and conduct research that examines the impact of our work and identifies promising practices. The center is proud to serve as a national and international resource for organizations and communities.