Grandma's Kids

The Grandma’s Kids program targets children in kinship placement, informal care and foster care.  We also serve children who are low-income, at-risk of violence and disparities that can mitigate their academic progress. The Grandma’s Kids after-school program focuses on the student via homework and academic support as well as providing social-emotional support for students in Kindergarten through 5th grade.  Our goal is to support children on their journey toward their academic success, provide a safe environment and promote physical health. Contact Patience Lehrman at

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Program Services:

  • Provide academic support by assisting students with their homework
  • Provide safety and supervision and make learning more fun through STEM, arts/craft, computers and  physical activates 
  • Tutoring and skill building via Temple University work study students assisting children in the core academic subjects. Tutor/ Student ratio of at least 1:4
  • Free or reduced rates for cultural and recreational trips and events