About the Center

The Center for Assessment, Evaluation and Education Policy Analysis is a program evaluation center housed within Temple University's College of Education and Human Development. We provide program planning and evaluation services to education and human service organizations, such as institutions of higher education, community-based organizations and nonprofits, state and municipal agencies, and school districts. Our Center collaborates with over 60 faculty members from our college who possess diverse content expertise in areas such as teacher preparation; organizational development; motivation; STEM and literacy education; and diversity, equity and inclusion. Our researchers and evaluators work together with these faculty members to conduct rigorous research and evaluation studies.

Mission and Values

Our mission is to use data to help education and human service organizations meet their program goals. We encourage partners to engage in all phases of the evaluation to ensure diverse perspectives. Our approach involves utilizing and implementing evaluation practices that are culturally responsive and appropriate for the communities we serve. To provide fair and meaningful assessments, we strive to ensure that our evaluation processes consider the unique cultural backgrounds, values, and beliefs of individuals and groups. Additionally, we are committed to supporting organizations and projects that promote equity and contribute to community betterment.

Who We Serve

We partner with organizations in a range of program areas, including:

  1. Education, such as teacher preparation and professional development, education-based nonprofits, out-of-school time programming, STEM education, literacy education and higher education.
  2. Human services, such as mental health services, substance abuse intervention, youth development and community development

Services Available