Graduate Academic and Student Affairs

Graduate Academic & Student Affairs

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Our mission is to provide you, the graduate student, in the College of Education, a smooth and seamless experience from the time you apply until you graduate. Our staff is committed to helping you achieve your academic goals while at Temple and our door is always open. Please do not hesitate to contact us for questions, concerns and guidance.

Contact Information
Name Contact Information
Dr. Michael W. Smith

Associate Dean Academic Affairs and Faculty Development.
Ritter Hall 263
(215) 204-8017

Janet Distel, MSW

Senior Director of Undergraduate and Graduate Academic and Student Affairs
Ritter Annex, SRC
(215) 204-8011

Doreen Conway, M.Ed

Assistant Director
Ritter Annex, SRC
(215) 204-5631

See Doreen for:

  • Policy and Procedural Advising
  • Applications for Graduation (Master's Programs)
  • Dissertation Proposal and Defense procedures and processing
  • Applications for Graduation (Doctoral Programs)
Whitney Carroll, M.Ed.

Ritter Annex, SRC
(215) 204-8011