Occupational Competency Assessment (OCA)

The Pennsylvania Department of Education, through the Bureau of Vocational-Technical Education, has authorized Temple University Center for Professional Development in Career and Technical Education to administer the Occupational Competency Assessment (OCA) examination for persons who desire to teach on a vocational basis.   Satisfactory completion of the OCA is one of the legal requirements for issuing a vocational teaching certificate in Pennsylvania

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible, the candidate must submit the following documentation to be reviewed by the testing center.

  1. Education: Must be a graduate of a secondary school or equivalent.
  2. Work Experience: Documentation that verifies a minimum of four years or (8,000 hours) of wage earning experience in addition to the learning period in the occupation to be taught.
  3. For occupations requiring a credential review (i.e., cosmetology, EMT, medical occupations), the appropriate credential will be accepted in lieu of Occupational Competency Assessment. All other requirements apply.


  • $400- Written and Performance Exam
  • $150- Credential Review


Before you begin your application, you must download and complete the following forms as required.


Nicholas Miller
OCA Coordinator

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