The Center provides outreach services to teachers of career and technical education (CTE) students who have disabilities and/or are disadvantaged. The Center recognizes that the needs of CTE educators serving students with special needs are many and varied and that these educators need information and resources to enable them to function effectively. Therefore, the Center maintains an effective support program to affect the performance of these individuals.

To realize its goal, the Center focuses on three educator categories: (a) pre-professional CTE teachers who are pursuing their Vocational Instructional I and II certificates; (b) experienced CTE teachers and administrators who attend the Continuing Technical and Professional Development (CT&PD) workshops, seminars, and academies regularly offered by the Center; and (c) CTE educators who are pursuing their Vocational Supervisors and/or Directors certificates by attending the Centers administrator preparation academy program. The Center achieves its objectives through a variety of presentation formats. These include orientation workshops for beginning teachers, individualized context-rich assistance for more experienced teachers, and generalized information workshops and seminars for local educators. In addition, the Center provides a liaison to the Pennsylvania Vocational Education for Special Needs Personnel (PAVESNP) association to offer input and report new developments in the special needs arena to Center faculty and staff.

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C. Gloria Heberley, Ed.D.
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