The Center for Professional Development in Career and Technical Education provides a range of support services to CTE schools in Eastern Pennsylvania.

Curriculum Development

The Center provides support and updates on the Students Occupationally and Academically Ready (SOAR) programs, a model of study adopted by the Pennsylvania Deparment of Education.  

Job Placement

Career and Technical Centers in the eastern region of Pennsylvania regularly list teaching and staff openings with the Center's placement activity.  Certified Career & Technical Education (CTE) teachers and individuals who have been screened as a part of the Center's induction process may call 215-204-8383 for information about open positions in eastern Pennsylvania.

Recruitment & Information Sessions

Schools offering CTE programs continually search for competent teachers. The Temple Center assists in the planning and delivery of recruitment sessions. At these sessions, local school personnel and University faculty provide preliminary information to prospective/interested future CTE teachers. 

Professional Development and Support

The Center provides a program of Continuing Technical and Professional Development (CT&PD) for Career & Technical Education teachers, administrators, and specialists in eastern Pennsylvania. The Center provides regional technical and pedagogical updating experiences for career and technical teachers, administrators, and support staff; and on-site, in-depth assistance designed to improve the academic competence of career-bound youth. CT&PD experiences include seminars, workshops, academies, institutes, and a variety of other continuing development activities available to teachers, administrators, and specialists in career and technical education centers and comprehensive high schools throughout eastern Pennsylvania.