The Center for Professional Development in Career and Technical Education provides a range of support services to CTE schools in Eastern Pennsylvania.

Curriculum Development

The Center provides support and updates on the Students Occupationally and Academically Ready (SOAR) programs, a model of study adopted by the Pennsylvania Deparment of Education.  

Job Placement

Career and Technical Centers in the eastern region of Pennsylvania regularly list teaching and staff openings.  Certified Career & Technical Education (CTE) teachers and individuals who have been screened as a part of the Center's induction process may visit CTE Job-Seeker Resources for information about open positions in eastern Pennsylvania.

Professional Development and Support

The Center provides a program of Continuing Technical and Professional Development (CT&PD) for Career & Technical Education teachers, administrators, and specialists in eastern Pennsylvania. The Center provides regional technical and pedagogical updating experiences for career and technical teachers, administrators, and support staff; and on-site, in-depth assistance designed to improve the academic competence of career-bound youth. CT&PD experiences include seminars, workshops, academies, institutes, and a variety of other continuing development activities available to teachers, administrators, and specialists in career and technical education centers and comprehensive high schools throughout eastern Pennsylvania.