1. Scan each clearance individually and give the document a name (For example: Ray Moss Child Abuse clearance.) Save in PDF or JPG format. Do NOT use special characters (e.g. #, $, %, or /) in your file name!
  2. Log onto the Edportal (https://edportal.temple.edu) and enter your user id and password. This is the user id and password you use to log onto your TU e-mail account [Do NOT include the @temple.edu in your username].
  3. Under the "Clearances" section, click on "Manage My Clearances"
  4. Confirm the information at the top of the page is correct
  5. Scroll down to the clearance you want to upload and click "choose file"
    • NOTE: Students who have received approval from their program to complete their fieldwork requirements at their employment site should select the TB/Verification Form location to upload their Employer Verification For Form (pdf)
  6. Navigate to where you have saved your copy of the clearance document (in PDF or JPG format).  Select the file name*, click "Open"
  7. Click the "Upload" button.  Confirm that your file has been successfully uploaded.  You should be able to click on the file name and open/view your document.  You must do this one at a time. Do not try to upload another clearance while one is still uploading; it will not work. 
  8. On-the-job approved students can leave the site after uploading their Employer Verification Form.  All other students should repeat this process for each clearance and have a total of 4 clearances at the end.
  9. If you are using a public or Temple computer to upload your clearances please remember to delete your file when you are finished. Click on the recycle bin and delete your file again.  It is strongly recommended that you save a copy for yourself.

Reminder for Students with incidents on their record

A student with an offense/incident listed on his/her clearance(s) must also immediately submit a hard copy of the clearance that lists the offense/incident to the Office of Field Placement.  The Office is located in the Shimada Resource Center -- Ritter Annex 150. Clearances with offenses/incidents require additional review and approval.

Tips for Successful Upload

  1. Confirm you are using the CORRECT web address to access EdPortal: https://edportal.temple.edu
  2. Confirm you are logging in successfully with your Temple username and password.  Do NOT add the @temple.edu to the end of your username.
  3. Confirm you are clicking on the option to "Manage Clearances"
  4. Confirm that the documents you are uploading are either JPG or PDF files (images or PDF)
  5. *Confirm that there are no special characters in the names of the files that you are trying to upload.  Remove any #, %, *, & or other punctuation from the names of the files before you browse and attach them to EdPortal.  Also, remove any leading or trailing spaces from the file name. 
  6. If you are uploading a picture of your clearance document, resize the image to be less than 1mb in file size or less than 800x1200 pixels in size.  Need help?  Check out Resize Image online.  

Questions and Assistance

If you are still having issues after confirming all of these items, please login to TUHelp at https://tuhelp.temple.edu and submit a help request.  In your request, please be sure clarify where you are stopped in the process and include a screenshot of any errors, if possible.  

Download/Print these instructions

Download and print the PDF version of these instructions: Uploading clearances to Edportal (pdf)