Career and Technical Education

CTE Programs overview

Career and Technical Education programs are designed to provide individuals with career and technical background the skills necessary to teach a subject in their area of occupation.

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The Center offers services that begin before the CTE teacher enters the classroom, such as the necessary assessments that establish a prospective teacher's competence in his or her field of expertise. Field-based faculty provide beginning CTE teachers with a combination of convenient classroom instruction near home or school every other week. A university faculty person visits teachers in their classrooms or laboratories on the alternate week to assist with the implementation of that instruction.

The Center delivers some portion of courses on-line so that busy teachers can access coursework at their convenience. Center services continue throughout the CTE teacher's career, offering continuing technical and professional development, opportunities to earn initial and advanced degrees, additional CTE certificates for leadership positions, and a variety of other support services.

Generally these individuals have substantial professional experience in their fields, but little or no training in teaching. These individuals tend to be professionals who want to make a transition from business and industry to teaching. The Center provides programs at various levels of education and certification to meet their needs.