The Policy and Organizational Studies program provides students with a deeper understanding of how to manage the change process within educational, community, or other types of organizational systems while specializing in a subject that inspires students. Students immerse themselves in a program that embraces social justice-oriented, and community connected scholarship as they gain a firm foundational understanding of social science and policy analysis. Students refine research skills by completing multiple courses in research methods, including qualitative and quantitative research, and may specialize in Adult and Organizational Development, Higher Education or Urban Education. The program aims to train critically conscious researchers and practitioners who contribute solutions to the challenges faced by urban students, educators, community members, and policymakers. Program graduates hold positions as professors, educational researchers, K-12 teachers, and urban school and community leaders.

Graduate Programs

Non-Degree Graduate Certification Programs

POLS Department Chairperson

Renée Tobin, PhD
Professor of Counseling Psychology and Interim Department Chairperson

Academic Coordinator

Belinda McLeod, Academic Coordinator
Ritter Hall 255
Phone: 215-204-6795