Research in the College of Education and Human Development

Research from the College of Education and Human Development contributes to the world’s understanding of the unique challenges facing education in an urban environment while also setting the example for how to use research to affect policy and change. Faculty members study the most critical problems in education and focus their attention on building meaningful community partnerships to apply their research to find sustainable, long-term solutions. 

From locally-based projects to leading research centers with millions of dollars in external funding, the College of Education and Human Development supports a dedicated community of scholars that values interdisciplinary collaboration to take research beyond the walls of the university and implement change where it matters most: the community. Temple’s commitment to applied research has earned the College of Education and Human Development a reputation as a leader in urban community initiatives and a pioneer in advancing teaching and learning.

Faculty Research Profiles

Full-time faculty members in the College of Education and Human Development each have diverse research interests and expertise. Use the directory to learn more about our faculty researchers.

Research Projects

Research projects examine critical issues in the field of education, such as how to improve the quality of teaching in urban schools. Projects also examine teacher and administrator preparation as well as teaching and learning in content areas such as literacy, science and mathematics.

Research Support

The College of Education and Human Development Research Support team assists faculty throughout the process for obtaining outside research funding.

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