Middle Grades Education: Grades 4-8

Temple's Middle Grades Education programs prepare students for middle level teaching (4-8 grades). Middle grades teachers, particularly those who hold double certifications, are increasingly sought out and in high-demand in Pennsylvania as well as across the country.

The College of Education program in Middle Grades Education is designed to ensure not only that there are certified teachers to fill the growing vacancies, but that our students graduate highly knowledgeable about learning and teaching as well as committed to pre/adolescent learners from diverse ethnic, economic and geographic backgrounds. To that end, our program focuses on building deep content-specific pedagogical knowledge aligned to the breadth of academic standards and the wide-ranging developmental needs of middle grades students.

Our newly designed program stands out as cutting-edge because we prepare graduate students to teach in both the upper elementary and middle grades classrooms. In addition to becoming certified to teach all elementary subjects in 4-6, all Middle Grades Education students will pursue certification for 7-8 grades in one of the following concentrations:

  • Language Arts/English
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics and Language Arts/English
  • Mathematics and Science
  • Science
  • Science and Language Arts/English
  • Social Studies

Middle Grades Education Programs