As of Fall 2020, Temple University is no longer accepting new students to the MEd in Educational Psychology program. Students interested in Educational Psychology are encouraged to pursue one of the academic programs listed below. 

Educational Psychology expands, transmits and integrates theory, research and practice regarding learning, cognition, and human development as these processes apply to educational processes and practices. 

Students who pursue Educational Psychology typically have one of several professional goals which may include:

  • College/University professors of Educational Psychology or Special Education;
  • Trainers in corporate, government or medical settings;
  • Educational specialists in positions requiring skills in research design, applied statistics, and testing/measurement;
  • Teachers (at the elementary and secondary level) with a strong theoretical/research base in Psychology and the behavioral sciences;
  • Program evaluators.

Academic Programs

Program Contact

Avi Kaplan, professor, is the faculty coordinator of the Education PhD with a concentration in Educational Psychology.
Phone: 215-204-4497