Secondary Education (BSEd): Social Studies Education

The professional preparation program in social studies aims to prepare teachers with the skills necessary to create an informed citizenry with respect for diversity in a democratic society. The program emphasizes critical thinking about social studies curriculum frameworks and materials; curriculum development grounded in teaching for understanding; and sensitivity around controversial areas such as race relations, gender issues, war, peace, equality of economic and social opportunities, and global interdependence. Undergraduates generally pursue a double major in history and education, although students can major in other social science areas and complete the certification program in social studies education. Students seeking certification in Secondary Education: Social Studies must complete the requirements for both the major in Secondary Education: Social Studies AND for the content major1 as specified by the College of Liberal Arts. Students may choose any of the following second majors (content areas): History, Political Science, Economics, Sociology or Geography and Urban Studies.

If you have additional questions about the Social Studies Education program, please contact:

Dr. Timothy Patterson, Assistant Professor
Phone: (215) 204-2797

Major Requirements

Course List
Code Title Credit Hours
EDUC 1255 Inclusive Education for a Diverse Society 3
EDUC 2103 Socio-cultural Foundations of Education in the United States 1 3
EDUC 2109 Adolescent Development for Educators 1 3
EDUC 2296 Effective Teaching: Theory and Practice 3
SPED 2231 Introduction to Inclusive Education 1 3
EDUC 2255 Effective Use of Instructional Technology in Classrooms 3
EDUC 2306 Assessment and Evaluation 3
ENES 3338 Foundations of Language Teaching: Teaching English Language Learners in Grades 4 to 12 3
SECE 3796 Differentiated Literacy Instruction in the Disciplines, 7-12 3
EDUC 4111 Classroom and Conflict Management in Grades 4 through 12 3
SECE 4801 Senior Seminar and Performance Assessment in Secondary Education 3
SECE 4688 Student Teaching in Secondary Education 9
Total Credit Hours 42

Course required for candidacy.

Program Requirements for Secondary Education / Social Studies Education

Course List
Code Title Credit Hours
SSES 3278 Methods and Materials in Secondary Social Studies 3
SSES 4278 Teaching for Understanding in Secondary Social Studies 3
EDUC 4389 Field Experience 1
EDUC 4389 Field Experience 1
Total Credit Hours 8

Academic Content Areas - History, Political Science, Economics, Geography, Sociology and Urban Studies

Content (second major) courses should be chosen in accordance with major requirements outlined by the College of Liberal Arts' relevant Department; requirements can be found in this Undergraduate Bulletin.