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Board Certified Behavior Analyst Credential

Many graduates of the program will be interested in taking the examination to become Board Certified Behavior Analysts.  The Board requires 18 credit hours of coursework to qualify for the examination.  Temple’s ABA program has had several courses pre-approved for students who wish to take the examination: see list of pre-approved courses [pdf]. Temple’s program does not provide supervised experience required to sit for the BCBA exam, though students may use their practica to partially fulfill this requirement under the independent supervision category.


Temple Coursework and BACB Requirements

The Association for Behavior Analysis International has verified the following courses toward the coursework requirements for eligibility to take the Board Certified Behavior Analyst® or Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst® examination. Applicants will need to meet additional requirements before they can be deemed eligible to take the examination. 

For more information on the examination, students should contact the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB; www.bacb.com).  You can review the list of pre-approved courses [pdf], but please note that the BACB periodically changes their certification requirements. If you do not apply to complete the certification exam soon after graduating from this program, you may need to take additional courses/experiences in order to be eligible. Students who completed coursework under a previous BACB task list (or other previous BACB requirements such as degree or supervision requirements) will not necessarily meet requirements for the current task list at the time they apply. Whether they meet current requirements is at the discretion of the BACB, not Temple. It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of upcoming changes in BCBA exam coursework, degree, and supervision requirements and how this may affect the student’s ability to qualify for the exam in the future and to obtain any additional documentation for their own certification. Temple does not keep syllabi from courses offered in previous semesters. We strongly recommend that students retain their syllabi after graduation in the event they must document to the BACB (or other professional organizations offering licenses, certificates, or other authorizations) that they meet their current requirements. 

In cases where a student requests for a Temple faculty member to sign off or otherwise attest to the BACB that items under the current edition task list content were covered in one or more courses taken under a previous task list, the student must present to us (a) the syllabi from the relevant courses and (b) a detailed explanation of which hours from the current task list were covered by any course(s) submitted with the request. We will review and accept each request on a case by case basis, make a determination, and grant the necessary approval, if appropriate.

In addition, some students may take courses from other programs and wish to transfer the courses into our programs. It is important to note that university programs allocate the BACB-required course content across courses in a BACB pre-approved course sequence differently, so courses do not transfer easily from one program to another. In these cases, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the BACB for a coursework evaluation, subject to fees, to determine what combination of courses would meet their current requirements or complete one full BACB-approved course sequence in its entirety to be eligible to apply for the certification under a pre-approved sequence.

Please review the BACB website for requirements regularly.  

ABA Program Coordinator Contact Info

Amanda Guld Fisher, Associate Professor of Practice, is the Program Coordinator for the Applied Behavior Analysis & Special Education Programs.
Phone: 215-204-6023
Email: agfisher@temple.edu

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