Special Education

Special Education (PreK-8 or 7-12) Graduate Certification Program

To be considered highly qualified a special education teacher in Pennsylvania, an individual must hold a Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Middle Grades Education, Art Education, Music Education, or Physical Education certification collaterally with a Special Education Certification. Temple University's College of Education offers those who already hold a teacher certification the opportunity to pursue this second certification in Special Education.

This is a certification-only program. Applicants are initially admitted to our Special Education Master’s Program (MEd).  After successfully completing the minimum requirements for Certification, students may choose to earn certification-only or may elect to continue in the program and complete the additional credit hours and requirements to receive Special Education (PreK-8 or 7-12) Certification and a Master’s degree. Students interested in pursuing both a Master's degree as well as Special Education (PreK-8 or 7-12) Certification should explore the Master's degree in Special Education program.

Program Description - Special Education Graduate Certification Program

The following principles serve as the foundation for the program:

  • Commitment to evidence-based, instructional practices and their implementation in the classroom.
  • Commitment to recognizing and ameliorating the impact of socio-cultural factors on the education of children with disabilities.
  • Emphasis on preventative approaches that de-emphasize labels and traditional diagnostic categories to support improved teaching and learning.
  • Commitment to inclusive practices both within schools and within society as a whole.

Classes are scheduled during early evening hours to accommodate working professionals.  Some courses may be offered online or via video conference.

Program Requirements

The Special Education Certification requires the completion of 18 credit hours of graduate course work. Candidates must pass the required certification exams to be eligible for Special Education Certification.

Special Education Certification (18 credit hours for Pre-K-8 only)

  • Spec Ed 5106 Literacy Instruction for Individuals with Disabilities (3 credits)
  • Spec Ed 5109 Classroom Management and Positive Behavior Support (3 credits)
  • Spec Ed 5187 Graduate Assessment Practicum in Special Education (3 credits)
  • Spec Ed 5211 Effective Instructional Strategies for Children with Disabilities (3 credits)
  • Spec Ed 5666 Introduction to Inclusive Education (3 credits)
  • Spec Ed 5587 Special Education Practicum (3 credits)

How to Apply

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