How many college credits will TES Scholars receive?
Scholars have the opportunity to earn up to 15 credits (for taking up to 5 college classes)

How long does the Temple Education Scholars program run?
Mid-August through mid-June

How do you apply to become a TES Scholar?
Please see our “How to Apply” page for application links and updates

Are there any expenses associated with participation in the TES program that Scholars must pay?
No, at this time there are no expenses for Scholars from the School District of Philadelphia or Philadelphia charter schools who participate in the TES program. Students from other schools or districts would need to similarly be sponsored by their school or district in order to participate.

What supports are in place to aid TES Scholars in juggling high school and college courses at the same time?
A program coordinator and TU undergraduate and graduate student staff members provide tutoring, mentoring, and advising support to Scholars on a daily basis. The TES Tutor-Mentors can support Scholars in their high school and college coursework and the program coordinator will monitor Scholars’ progress in their Temple courses through contact with the course instructors. College Success Coaches are also in place to provide guidance to the Scholars regarding the college application, admissions, and financial aid processes as needed. The program coordinator will provide updates to school district personnel as well as parents/guardians. Study skills and college success workshops, as well as study halls, will also be offered regularly.

Will the credits TES Scholars receive at Temple count toward their high school GPA?
Yes, Temple course credits earned by School District of Philadelphia students will be included as arts and humanities or elective credits (on a 4.0 scale) on SDP transcripts. This information for Philadelphia charter school students will be determined by each individual school.

Will TES Scholars be able to work part-time or do extracurriculars while participating in TES?
There are no restrictions as to how Scholars spend their time outside of the school day; however, college coursework can be rigorous, and the need to balance the responsibilities of high school and college classes will limit time available for other activities and work. TES courses and programming run Monday through Friday throughout the school year (September through mid-June), and from 1:30-5:00 pm daily. The first course in the program begins in mid-August and programming then begins at 9am and runs until 4pm Monday through Friday.

Are TES Scholars guaranteed acceptance to Temple University upon completion of the program?
No, Scholars are not guaranteed acceptance to the university. Program staff is more than happy to provide letters of recommendation for Scholars who demonstrate success and growth during the program for Scholars’ applications to any universities to which they choose to apply.

Please direct any questions about the Temple Education Scholars program to Elijah Rhea (email: or Dr. Juliet Curci (email: