The Curriculum Supervision Concentration will prepare students to become district-wide specialist in curriculum and instruction across the total grade organization.

Program Courses
Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
EDAD 5300 Introduction to Issues in School Leadership 3
EDAD 5301 Leadership for Learning 3
EDAD 5303 Leadership and Supervision in Diverse Contexts: Ensuring Inclusive and Equitable Learning 3
EDAD 5304 School Operations: Finance, Management, Technology and Communication 3
EDAD 5305 Knowledge for School Improvement: How to Access, Interpret and Apply Data 3
EDAD 9285 Internship in Administration (Part I) 3
EDAD 9286 Internship in Administration (Part II) 3

Students may elect to transfer credit for maximum of 6 credits of appropriate courses into the Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction Certification with the approval of an Faculty Academic Advisor.

This program is approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Students who successfully complete all program requirements will, at the same time, satisfy the academic requirements for an administrative certificate in Pennsylvania.  In addition to the academic requirements, the Pennsylvania Department of Education requires candidates to pass the Praxis 5411 test: Educational Leadership - Administration & Supervision. After all academic requirements are met and the scores from the Praxis are reporttied, the College of Education will endorse the successful candidate for District-Wide Supervisory Certificate, Curriculum & Instruction [pdf] certification.

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