Required Course Work

Required courses for the Principal Certification non-degree graduate program

Course Number

Course Title

Credit Hours

EDAD 5300

Introduction to Issues in School Leadership


EDAD 5301

Leadership for Learning


EDAD 5303

Leadership and Supervision in Diverse Contexts: Ensuring Inclusive and Equitable Learning


EDAD 5304

School Operations: Finance, Management, Technology and Communication


EDAD 5305

Knowledge for School Improvement: How to Access, Interpret and Apply Data


EDAD 5302

Context for School Reform: Education Law, Policy and Politics


EDAD 5306

Change Leadership


EDAD 5307

Clinical Experience in School Leadership (Part I)


EDAD 5308

Clinical Experience in School Leadership (Part II)


Required courses for the Principal Certification non-degree graduate program detailing the course numbers, course titles, and credit hours

To receive Temple University endorsement for a principal's certificate, successful candidates must:

  1. Complete all required course work within PDE GPA guidelines,
  2. Complete field experience as part of the program and receive a satisfactory evaluation from the supervisor or administrator most familiar with performance demonstrated during the field experience,
  3. Pass the Praxis 6011 - School Leaders Licensure Assessment, and
  4. Be certified as a professional educator with a minimum of (3) three years of satisfactory experience.

It is the student’s responsibility to schedule him / herself for Praxis and arrange to have the results reported to Temple and the Pennsylvania Department of Education.  After completing all requirements, candidates must submit an application for endorsement via the Teacher Information Management System (TIMS) on MyPDESuite. Visit the Temple Certification Office for more information