Educators in Career and Technical Education (CTE) prepare secondary, postsecondary and adult students with technical, academic and employability skills for success in the workplace and in further education. CTE educators enter the  field with relevant work experience in a wide variety of technical skill areas including, allied health, auto repair, welding, marketing, business education, and computer technology. Temple's teacher certification programs in Career & Technical Education build on your professional knowledge to move your career from industry to the classroom. CTE Educators will obtain the qualifications to teach in a variety of settings, from training centers and technical schools to secondary public schools.

Contingent on the requirements set by PDE, candidates follow one of several Temple programs listed below. This enables you to teach while completing additional college-level coursework required for the Career and Technical Instructional Level I and Career and Technical Instructional Level II certificates.

Degree Programs

Our teacher certification degree programs in Career and Technical Education allow you to earn either a Bachelor's (BSEd) or Master's (MEd) degree, along with completing the Pennsylvania Department of Education requirements for certification in at least one subject area.  

Non-degree Programs

These programs are offered as non-degree, which means no bachelor's or master's degree is awarded upon completion of this program.  You will complete only the coursework and in-service necessary to meet Pennsylvania's Department of Education certification requirements for the associated teacher certification.  

For graduate non-degree programs, you must currently hold your Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution in an approved subject area.  

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