The 18-credit Minor in Education is designed for Temple University undergraduate students who have either a professional or personal interest in education, urban schools, or children but are majoring in another discipline. The minor in Education provides undergraduate students with broad, foundational knowledge about the state of education, adolescent development, and community and school relationships. Students whose research interests are content-based, such as political science, history, and geography and urban studies, but have connections to education will benefit from exposure to schools through field placements and education theory. This minor is also ideal for students who plan to enter occupations in fields such as policy, counseling, child psychology, which have connections to education. Finally, this minor is an opportunity for students to investigate careers in education. Through coursework and field experience students will be interacting with education majors and working in schools, thus providing them with a sample of some of the work that pre-service teachers do. This carefully designed sequence of courses includes field experiences such as tutoring, observations in after school programs, and work in community centers to support in-class learning.


This minor consists of 18 credits. Students must take the following six courses:

Minor in Education Course Requirements
Course Description Credits
EDUC 2103 Socio-cultural Foundations of Education in the United States 3
EDUC 2109 Adolescent Development for Educators 3
EDUC 2224 Service Learning 3
ECED 4106 The Learning Community: Family and Community Relationships 3
EDUC 4441 Discourse Practices in Diverse Communities 3
URBE 4496 Understanding Urban Communities 3
  Total Required Credits --  18