The initial teaching certificate, Instructional I, is also known as a provisional certificate.  The Instructional I certificate is valid for six service - not calendar - years in Pennsylvania, during which the individual must complete an established set of requirements (e.g. coursework, teaching experience, or an induction program).

Requirements for Career and Technical I Instructional Certificate

Intern must provide evidence of:

  1. a minimum of 2 years wage-earning experience in addition to the learning period required to establish competency in the occupation to be taught;
  2. successful completion of the occupational competency examination or evaluation of credentials for occupations where examinations do not exist;
  3. completion of 18 credit hours in an approved program of vocational teacher education (see list below);
  4. having passed the basic skills tests:
    1. Praxis 5712 - Core Academic Skills for Educators: Reading
    2. Praxis 5722 - Core Academic Skills for Educators: Writing
  5. having met all requirements provided by law (School Code 1209 and Title 22, Pa. Code, Section 49.12); and 
  6. having received the recommendation of Temple University.

Required Coursework

Listed below are the graduate course requirements for the Vocational Instructional I Certificate. The Intern certificate is valid for only three years and all requirements for the Vocational I shall be completed in that period. The courses are listed in the typical sequence in which they may be taken. Required testing and professional work experience are also listed. The Level I certificate is valid for six years of teaching.

Required Graduate Coursework



EDUC 5605

Models of Teaching

SPED 5666

Inclusive School Practices

EDUC 5888

Supervised Teaching

Required Graduate Courses for Career and Technical Instructional I certificate

How to Apply

Apply for the Career and Technical I Certificate through the PDE Teacher Information Management System (TIMS). Once you complete and submit the application with payment, the application will be forwarded to Temple's Certification Officer and processed by the university.

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