Keynote Speaker - William E. Cross Jr.

Keynote title: Black Identity, Eudaimonia and the Existential Self

Black identity has been a playground for psychology but in this talk, an attempt will be made to demonstrate it falls more in the province of political philosophy and existentialism, as identity is foundational to one’s meaning-making system and purpose in life. The whole bruhaha about black identity and self-esteem has been misleading and a distraction. Most of the notes will be taken from a new book recently submitted to Temple Press, as a follow-up to their sponsorship of Shades of Black, published in 1991. The talk will combine material from Africana Studies and Psychology. Having recently turned 80, this talk will also celebrate Dr. Cross’ 55th year in the academy, as a scholar of Africana and Psychology.



Temple University College of Education and Human Development

Association of School Psychologists of Pennsylvania

School District of Philadelphia

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School Psychology Faculty

  • Crystal L. Austin, PhD
  • Diane Barrett, PhD, NCSP
  • John Berna, PhD, ABSNP
  • Jean Boyer, PhD
  • Frank Farley, PhD
  • Catherine A. Fiorello, PhD, NCSP, ABPP
  • Rachel Hodas, PhD, NCSP
  • Heidi Hutman, PhD
  • Avi Kaplan, PhD
  • Darren Levin, PhD
  • Monica McHale-Small, PhD
  • Laura Pendergast, PhD, NCSP
  • Lia Sandilos, PhD, NCSP
  • W. Joel Schneider, PhD
  • Renee Tobin, PhD
  • Daniel Walinsky, PhD
  • Diana L. Wildermuth, PhD, NCC, LPC