Master of Science in Education in Career and Technical Education

Learn to develop entire workforces with a degree engineered for vocational and technical instructors and curriculum planners. This fully online program is ideal for leaders at colleges and universities and teachers of industrial specialties. By the end of the Career and Technical Education MSEd, you will earn the Vocational Administrative Director (7-12) certificate and the Supervisor (Comprehensive) of Vocational Education certificate.  

Note: Revised Program Requirements for the MSEd in Career & Technical Education
[effective as of admission for Fall 2020 and beyond]

Certificate Programs

Cooperative Education (7-12) Certificate

Cooperative Education teacher coordinators  plan, organize, and administer work experience programs for students preparing for vocational trades.  Temple's certificate program prepares you to engage students in work-based learning that combines the theoretical learning activities of the classroom with practical learning experiences on the job.

Supervisor (Comprehensive) of Vocational Education Certificate

Supervisors assist with curriculum development and instructional delivery, participate in program planning and assessment, engage and develop school and community partnerships, and oversee career and technical facilities.  Temple's competency-based certification program is organized around the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s guidelines for Professional Education for School and System Leaders.  

Vocational Administrative Director (7-12) Certificate

Grounded in standards-based systems theory and design, Temple's administrative certification program: Vocational Education Director (7-12) prepares you to think and plan strategically, creating an organizational vision around personalized student success.  As the architect of standards-based reform in schools, leaders graduate from Temple's program with the knowledge to access and use appropriate data to inform decision-making at all levels and qualified to manage school operations and provide educational leadership in a career and technical center or in career and technical education at the school district level.