Adult and Organizational Development

Minor in Adult and Organizational Development

A minor in Adult and Organization Development (AOD) can complement a range of existing majors across Temple, including, among others: Strategic and Organizational Communication, Human Resource Management, Psychology, Education, Business Management, Communication Management, and Social Work. The AOD minor can open up expanded career opportunities for students through our applied focus on organizational skill development, training, and adult learning.


A total of 15 credit hours in AOD coursework. All courses must be completed with a minimum grade of C

Students must complete the following courses:

Course Num Course Title CrH
AOD 1016 Introduction to Adult Learning and Training 3
AOD 1166 Interpersonal Communication through the Life Span 1 3
AOD 2176 Team Process in Education 3
AOD 2214 Conflict and Communication 3
Select one of the following: 3
Mediation: Principles and Practice  
Negotiation Processes  
Facilitating Group Decision-Making  
Organizational Communication  
Total Credit Hours 15

All courses must be completed with a minimum grade of C-.
1If students have taken the GenEd course AOD 0836 before declaring an Adult & Organizational Development minor, then AOD 1166 will be waived and students will be required to take two courses from the set of four optional courses. Students must discuss this with an Academic Advisor so their records can be properly updated.

Declaring a Minor

Students who are interested in pursuing a minor in Adult and Organizational Development (AOD) should speak to their advisor in the school or college in which they are pursuing their degree to discuss how this minor fits into their overall academic plan. Students must formally declare the AOD minor upon completing no more than 6 credits toward the minor by meeting with a College of Education advisor.  Appointments are located at the Shimada Resource Center, Suite 150 Ritter Annex and can be made by calling 215-204.8011.  There is no penalty if the minor is not completed.